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Pyro Diablo Infernally Hot Sauce

Do you like it INFERNALLY HOT?

Made from one of the world's hottest pepper types! One drop is over 700 times stronger than an average habanero. Pyro Diablo is the secret hot sauce legends are made of, One drop of our 1,500,000 scoville powdered pepper extract will heat any culinary creation to the extreme.

What is Pyro Diablo Hot Sauce?

The hottest hot sauce

made from capsaicin, which is the natural chemical that produces heat in peppers. Pyro Diablo has a very appealing peppery flavor yet our hot sauce is so concentrated, just by adding a few drops you can spice up your favorite recipe without changing the flavor. Great for adding extreme heat to any entree, sauce, marinade, salsa, chili, dips, and any recipe that needs some real kick!

Now available online, Cook with the capsicum power of professional chefs right in your own kitchen. Complete with a glass dropper pi-pette to control the agony within.

“Water shall not extinguish thy flame” –Pyro Diablo


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Pyro Diablo Hot Sauce Frequently Asked Questions

Ingredients: Labeled as “Natural Flavoring”. Made of highly purified Capsicum extracted from chili peppers includes a soybean oil base.

Shipping: How long does it take to receive my hot sauce order?
All hot sauce orders ship within 7-10 days from receipt of payment.
Note: International delivery time can take 4-8 weeks.

Is Pyro Diablo hot sauce really that hot?
YES! Our hot sauce is provided as a food additive only, It's that hot! Adding a few drops of Pyro Diablo hot sauce to a chicken wing will bring most people to tears. Everyone knows someone who can pile on the hot sauce... With Pyro Diablo heat is measured in drops not piles

Can I purchase Pyro Diablo in my local store?
Most likely not. Currently Pyro Diablo hot sauce is sold online. We are accepting distribution partners: wholesale hot sauce pricing

How do I stop the burn of capsaicin hot sauce?
Mouth: Try peanut butter or milk. Pyro Diablo hot sauce is not water soluble, like eating hot peppers the oil has a tendency to stick with you for a few minutes.

Fingers: Try soap and water or a light rinse with rubbing alcohol.

What's New?
We are working on releasing some new extreme hot sauces. Additionally we will be releasing some more natural pepper hot sauce and extreme hot sauce. Look for our new flavors of hot sauces coming soon.

Best price on Pyro Diablo Infernally Hot Sauce is loaded with many hot and spicy recipes. Below are some suggestions on how to enjoy Pyro Diablo Infernally Hot Sauce.

  • Add Pyro Diablo hot sauce directly to chicken wings... Beyond nuclear spicy hot wings!
  • Orderves - Sharp cheddar cheese topped with 3 drops Infernally hot sauce on a saltine cracker.
  • Spicy cheddar jalapeno poppers. Use tooth pick to insert 1-3 drops of our hot sauce in center of popper for a party favorite.
  • Hot tooth picks. Soak tips in ¼" Pyro Diablo hot sauce for ten minutes, let dry, and enjoy.
  • Mix Pyro Diablo Hot Sauce with you favorite dipping sauce, great for tator tots.
  • Ten Alarm Chili. Great for adding extreme heat without changing the flavor add a few drops of hot sauce per cup until your desired heat level is achieved.
  • Salsa - Salsa - Salsa! If you a great fan of hot homemade salsa you'll really appreciate the power of Pyro Diablo Hot Sauce.

Taste Infernally Hot Sauce!

It's all about the Hot Sauce baby! The spice so nice it burns you twice.

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