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Alfredo Sauce Recipes

alfredo sauce recipes

Low Fat Alfredo Sauce Recipes (1 serving)

1 can Evaporated skim milk
6 oz Parmesan cheese
Pepper to taste

Warm milk; add cheese until melted and thickened. Add pepper. You can add crabmeat, broccoli, spinach, or mushrooms can be added; mixed or separately. Pour over pasta as desired.

alfredo sauce recipes

Low Fat Alfredo Suaces Recipes #2 (6 Servings)

1 tbsp. Butter
1/4 c all-purpose flour
3 c Low-Fat (1%) Milk
1 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. Pepper
Pinch Nutmeg
3/4 c Grated Parmesan Cheese
1 lb. Cooked Fettuccine

Melt butter. Add flour; cook, stirring, 1 minute. Whisk in milk, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Bring to boil, whisking; reduce and simmer, stirring occasionally, 5 minutes. Toss with cheese and cooked pasta.

alfredo sauce recipes

Creamy Alfredo Sauce Recipes w/ Fettuccini
Servings: 4

1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese
3/4 cup grated Parmesan
1/2 cup margarine
1/2 cup milk
8 ounces fettuccini, cooked drained

In large saucepan, combine cream cheese, Parmesan, margarine and milk; stir over low heat until smooth. Add fettuccini toss lightly. Try adding shrimps or chickens.
Per serving: 221 Calories; 24g Fat (95% calories from fat); 1g Protein; 2g Carbohydrate; 4mg Cholesterol; 281mg Sodium

alfredo sauce recipes

5 tablespoons butter
2 cups heavy cream
2 cups chicken stock (canned chicken broth is fine)
3 tablespoons minced garlic
1 tablespoon corn starch mixed with water as needed
3/4 cup grated fresh parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon minced fresh parsley
Salt and ground black pepper to taste

Prepare the Alfredo sauce recipe, in a large sauté pan melt the whole butter adding the minced garlic. Sauté the garlic until brown, add both the chicken stock and the heavy cream and reduce for several minutes. Next add the cornstarch and water mixture slowly while stirring until the sauce begins to thicken slightly. Add only as much of the cornstarch "slurry" as needed, note that the Parmesan cheese will also act as a thickening agent.
Add the Parmesan cheese, parsley and salt and pepper. Taste the Alfredo sauce and adjust the seasonings as needed.

alfredo sauce recipes

Plain and Simple

1 package of garlic shrimp
1 package of fettuccine noodles
1 Jar of Alfredo Sauce (store bought)

Fry garlic shrimp in skillet. Cook pasta. Heat Alfredo Sauce in Microwave.
Poor alfredo sauce over pasta and then add cooked shrimp.

alfredo sauce recipes

Easy Alfredo Sauce Recipe

1/2 cup butter or margarine
2/3 cup heavy cream
1 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 teaspoon salt dash of pepper

Heat butters and cream in saucepan until butter is melted. Remove from heat. Add 1 cup Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper; stir until sauce is blended and fairly smooth. Add to drained noodles and toss until they are well coated. Sprinkle with remaining cheese.

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