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Punch Recipes

punch recipes


2 quarts Sherbet - Choose flavor
3 2-liter size bottles of 7-up

Place half of the sherbet into your punch bowl and allow softening add 7-up gently. Do not stir. Float remaining sherbet in scoops on punch. Serves approx. 50

punch recipes

Apricot & Orange Punch

1 6-oz. can frozen orange juice
1 46-oz. can apricot nectar
3 quarts (96 0z.) 7-Up

Blend orange juice and nectar. Gently add 7-Up. For extra zing, float one quart orange sherbet, in scoops, on top of punch. Serves approx. 35.

punch recipes

Frothy Fruit Punch

2 quarts lemon-lime or 7-Up
1 46-oz. can pineapple juice
1 46-oz. can orange juice
2 pints lime sherbet

Chill lemon-lime drink and fruit juices. Combine fruit juices, slowly add lemon-lime drink add scoops of sherbet. Garnish with fresh fruit. Strawberries are great with this punch.

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